Zumba® and dance workouts that’ll put a smile on your face

Get fit and have fun with classes designed to boost your mood

Because Zumba® is more than just a fun cardio workout — it’s a way to brighten up your day while also getting (or staying) healthy.

With the upbeat music and rhythmic dance moves, we dare you to get through a whole class without smiling!

The Dance2Happy formula uses scientifically proven techniques to create classes that are highly effective at boosting your mood and elevating your mental health.

Dance2Happy classes are perfect for all skill levels (yes, really!)

Whether you’re new to Zumba® or you already know how to reggaeton with the best of them, our classes are designed to suit all skill levels.

Specially designed kids classes

Why should grownups have all the fun? Our kids classes are designed to inspire, uplift and empower kids to dream big and believe in themselves.

So so so much fun! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through. Afaf is an outstanding instructor! Easy to follow, a great workout and loved the music! An instant mood booster and definitely made me happy!

Sara Davison

I had the pleasure of joining your Zumba class and I have to say it made me feel very uplifted and energised, both emotionally and physically. I loved the music beats and the steps, and felt happy for the rest of the day.


Due to my heel hurting I’ve hardly been out in the last two weeks, so to do some energetic Zumba dancing, really motivated me to do some exercise again. The music you used, has such a great vibe, that you move automatically.


I thoroughly enjoyed the class, much better for us than a glass of wine & a bar of chocolate!

Jayne Wildish

Thank you so much Afaf I absolutely loved it, it was very uplifting!

Jackie Smith

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it and you were just what we needed.


The Dance2Happy Way

Intentionally mood-boosting choreography

An upbeat atmosphere & safe space for all

We aim to have fun, always!

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