That’s the Dance2Happy difference — classes that are fun, uplifting and leave you smiling long after the last step (while also giving you a great workout!)

Because when you’re happy, it shows in the way you go about your day. 

The fun way to keep your body AND MIND healthy.

Get your cardio workout in & boost your heart health.

Get out of your head & into your body.

Burn some serious calories
(400 Kcal per 30 min).

Get your endorphins buzzing!

And thanks to our upbeat and energetic Zumba® workouts, you’ll also:

Last, but definitely not least, Dance2Happy carefully selects instructors who can consistently deliver a good time, every time — so you know exactly what to expect when booking your next class.

Great music and fun moves, really lifted the spirits... I can’t stop smiling!

Moira Hamilton

founder of Dance2Happy, lifelong dancer and formerly unhappy human.

Despite ticking all of the “success” boxes (Engineer, MBA from MIT, Senior Business Manager at Amazon AND mum to 2 kids), I was burnt out and suffering from chronic anxiety.

Trying Zumba® was my turning point — the switch that turned off the worrying voice in my brain.

It’s impossible to not be present in the moment when you’re practicing Zumba®. It helps me reduce negative emotions and release tension… no matter how bad a day I’ve had.

That’s why I started Dance2Happy — so that more people can discover the magic that dance and Zumba® can do for their mental health!

Hey, I’m Afaf Belcaid –


The Dance2Happy instructors are powerhouses of happy energy.

Carefully chosen via our rigorous selection process, each of your instructors is certified and believes in the Dance2Happy ethos:

Focus on the mental health benefits of dance.
Create a safe and uplifting environment.
Empower our students to become self-sufficiently happy.

Founder of Dance2Happy, Afaf has gone from unhappy engineer to MUCH happier Zumba® instructor (and business owner)!

After teaching Zumba® classes at her children’s school it became clear that this was what she loved doing most… and so, Dance2Happy was born.

But rather than start yet another Zumba® class, Dance2Happy has a fierce and intentional focus on nurturing, improving and boosting your mood through the dance workouts.


A professional ballerina, a contemporary and a Latin dance instructor, Stefania is the kind of instructor who eats dance for breakfast. After being diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 19, Stefania went on to defy all the rules and expectations of what her body can or cannot do with arthritis.

Her contemporary dance class for dance2happy is specifically designed to release stiffness located in the joints and to broaden your range of movement while having a lots of laughs along the way. Stefania is passionate about empowering you to discover that living with a condition like arthritis does not mean that you should stop dancing or that your body cannot become stronger and more flexible. 


Want to be a Dance2Happy instructor?

We’re always on the lookout for the right Zumba® instructors to join our happy fam.

If you’re certified and there’s something about the Dance2Happy way that lights you up, then we’d love to hear from you!

Simply click the button below to apply — you’ll need to include a video of you grooving to your favourite track.


As an ex professional dancer trained in ballet, tap, street and jazz dance, there are no dance steps that Rachel cannot teach.

Rachel uses her dance training and fitness qualifications to design Zumba® toning classes effective in transforming your body while having the maximum amount of fun. Her classes are an instant mood booster and her gorgeous smile is infectious.